10 Guinea Fowl Keets (Assorted Colors)


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Guineas are seasonal layers usually starting in late March or April and may continue to lay until October.  Keets ship June thru September or until end of season.

Assorted Colors:  Pearl, pied, lavender, white, royal purple, bronze, chocolate, opaline, coral blue, pinto, blond, violet, slate, pastel, sky blue, buff and buff dundotte. See description below for more color information.

(Hatchery choice based on availability) We will include as many color as possible.

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For complete information on how to successfully raise Guinea fowl keets, visit the Guinea Fowl International Association’s website at: https://guineas.com/

On their forum you can ask specific questions and get knowledgeable responses quickly. It’s an invaluable resource for the Guinea fowl keeper!


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Why Own Guineas? Guinea fowl have become very popular because they will quickly, safely rid an area of disease carrying ticks, as well as other insect pests and small rodents. Guineas make great pest exterminators for gardens too. Guinea fowl are the clowns of the poultry world with their white painted faces, red wattles and a horn that sits on top of their heads called a helmet. Their high speed and erratic movements are often very comical and their antics are fun to watch. Besides having a voracious appetite for bugs, guineas also dine on grasses, weeds and their seeds. They are carnivores and love to eat small rodents and reptiles. Guinea fowl also make a superb alarm system. They will make quite the noisy raucous whenever any change occurs in their environment. They hate snakes and they will warn off and sometimes even kill any snakes they come across.

Helmeted Guinea Colours in our Breeding flock 

Pearl Gray – The Original color of guinea fowl. Dark gray background with white pearling on the body.

Lavender – lavender with pearling over the entire body.

White – pure white – Sometimes has a black dot on top or back of head – These birds are not albino and are the only solid white bird that hatches solid white and not yellow

Pied – these have white in the chest, wing and sometimes the back area. Pied can be of various mixed colors. Some in purple, pearl, chocolate, buff and other colors all with white on them. Keets vary in color with white wings, belly and face.

Royal Purple – Dark black color with a lovely purple sheen. They do not have regular dotting, but do have some dotting and barring in the flank area. These are magnificently handsome beauties.

Bronze – are a dark black color with a cast of bronze or brown over the shoulders, back, and on the neck and chest. The secondary wing feathers have a reddish color. These are very similar to the royal purple guineas, but have lost most of the purple sheen and taken on the bronze cast.

Chocolate – are a dark brown color, very unusual. They have a few dots and bars in the flank area.

Opaline – Near – white colour with pale icy blue cast- very faint pearlying on wings and flanks -semi spotted. Also very rare.

Coral Blue- A dilute of the coral blue which tends to be darker on the neck, breast and back. A beautiful sky blue. These have a few dots and bars in the flank area and are very colourful.

Pinto – are mostly white with a small amount of pearl gray spotting on their bodies.

Blond – Soft brown color. Lighter than chocolate but deeper than buff. Semi- spotted.

Violet – Keets are a rusty red with a white belly and wings. These are very cute. As they feather out they gradually change to a steel blue color and then darken to a dusty black with a purple sheen.

Slate – These are very rare, they’re a steel blue color with a slight cast of cream color over the shoulders and back. They also have a collar of iridescent purplish blue around their neck.

Pastel – Gray like pewters, but with a brown tint over the gray background. They are a solid color.

Sky Blue – Same soft blue color as Coral Blue but without any pearling.

Buff – Soft tan color all over varying from near white to light tan – Females darker than males – Semi-spotted.

Buff Dundotte – Soft tan color with pearling over entire body – Females darker than males.

****You may recieve colors not listed here****

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