Cream Legbar Egg

Our hatching eggs are collected daily, examined carefully, and sold fresh within 7 days, unless discussed otherwise. None of our shipped eggs will be older than 5 days. Prior to selling or shipping, these are stored in cool, dry conditions and rotated daily. As we regularly hatch our own eggs, we keep a close eye on fertility to be certain that our roosters are doing their jobs. That said, fertility and hatching rates are not guaranteed, as there are too many variables with hatching eggs that remain beyond our control. Shipped eggs are guaranteed to arrive to you in good condition, ready for incubation.

All breeds of hatching eggs are priced individually according to the breed. A variety of breeds can be selected.

6 egg minimum purchase

Pickup at farm or USPS priority mail will be selected at checkout.

Shipping, Order & Farm Policies

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1 review for Cream Legbar Egg

  1. Tera M.

    I ordered 6 Cream Legbar hatching eggs from Harrison’s Fowl Farm. So far the communication has been great. She answers all of my questions and has updated me along the shipping process. I will update once I get my eggs and along my hatching journey.

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