Cream Legbar Pullet Chick


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Cream Legbars are a unique breed from Britain. They are an autosex breed, meaning that chicks can be sexed at hatch as either male or female by differences in their down color. This is a trait that breeds true, unlike sex linked chicks, and will be passed down from generation to generation. This is a fairly rare breed of chicken, and there have only been two imports of cream legbar into the United States. Cream legbars have a small crest on top of their heads resembling a crown. Both hens and roosters have this, although it is much more pronounced in the hens and they can erect them upright when startled or excited. They lay large, round egg ranging from pastel blue to light green. Request cockerels , if wanted in the notes section at checkout otherwise guaranteed no roosters unless you order them!

Pickup at farm, USPS priority or for shipping zones five and greater select express ship at checkout.

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