Black & Blue Copper Marans Chick

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This is our favorite breed and the one that started our enthusiasm for poultry. Black & Blue Copper Marans are a French breed that are known for their exceptionally dark, chocolate colored eggs. They are highly prized and sought after by culinary gurus around the globe. Their origin can be traced back to the village of Marans, France, which is where they get their name. Marans is always spelled with an ā€œsā€ at the end whether referring to one bird or several. They are a large sized fowl and a good dual purpose bird. They have black or blue body feathers and their hackle (neck) feathers are a shimmering copper color. The roosters are more colorful than the hens, with beautiful shades of red and brown. They have feathered shanks. They are a curious bird and have a friendly disposition. We are constantly working with our flock to produce the darkest eggs possible while still adhering to the standard. Marans egg color is judged on a special color scale ranging 1-9. To be considered a Marans the egg must be at least a 4. We only incubate eggs that are a 5 or above. We are members of The Marans Club.

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