Shipping, Order & Farm Policies

We appreciate your business and hope that your experience is enjoyable and easy as possible. Please read through our Terms & Conditions carefully. In order to make your experience obtaining chicks pleasant and easy, we have special policies and procedures in place. It is important to remember that we are dealing with living creatures and things do not always go as planned, patience is expected and appreciated. Please take the time to go over our policies before ordering to ensure that you are placing your order in full understanding of our policies. By placing your purchase, you are agreeing to abide. If you do not agree to our policies, we kindly ask that you do not place an order with us.

Ordering – Orders may be placed here on the website, or through Facebook Messagener (no account needed). Click on the blue messenger chat icon on the bottom right hand side of page. The farm is run primarily by myself, at times I can be very busy taking care of the birds so for those reasons I prefer not to take orders by phone.

Payment –  The only payment option that I currently accept is credit card through our website or PayPal. Pickup at farm is CASH, if you need to pay by card please make these arrangements with me prior. I will send you the link to pay. Payment made Friends & Family is appreciated. Amount charged is 100% deposit, we ask for deposit to set, hatch and or hold chicks. Orders must be picked up in your designated “set” time on your receipt or sale forfeits and item becomes available for sale. Besides payment.. I need name, address and phone number for orders that require shipping.

Hatching Eggs – Shipping cost for 6 – 12 eggs $20, 13 – 24 eggs $35 and 25 – 36 eggs $50. Eggs are shipped Priority Mail (1-3 days depending on location). Boxes are marked to be held at post office, if you wish to have them delivered to your home let us know in notes at checkout. Eggs are collected for no more than 7 days, unless discussed otherwise. None of our shipped eggs will be older than 5 days. Our eggs will be shipped as secure as possible to protect them from breakage during transit. We use foam shippers, double boxed. All empty spaces in the inner box and between the two boxes are filled with air pillows to avoid scrambling and excessive shaking of the eggs. Fertility of our eggs are tested weekly, I know each and everyone of my hens and thier eggs. Every time a new laying cycle starts for the hens, I test fertility before shipping eggs from that pen. Same applies if there are changes in breeders (new rooster or hen(s) introduced in the breeding pens). We only ship eggs from pens that show 90%-100% fertility. Once the eggs leave our farm, we can not guarantee development or hatch rates due to postal service handling, incubation practices, etc. Eggs are guaranteed to arrive in good condition ready to incubate, there is no reimburse past that or any guarantee that you will hatch chicks. Shipping is non-refundable. We do guarantee live arrival on chicks (see below). 

Chicks –   Chicks are shipped USPS Priority (2 – 3 days, not applicable to all states) or Express (1-2 days) depending on area. If any are dead apron arrival we just ask that you take a clear picture of all the dead chicks in one photo and send it to us right away. You will receive refund for the value of the dead chick/s. Shipping is non-refundable. Chicks are shipped in approved shipping boxes that include bedding, and grogel. Day old chicks priority rate 6 – 20 $30, 21 – 40 chicks $40. Express rate 6 – 20 chicks $50, 21 – 40 chicks $65. Older chicks or other box sizes require weighing, contact us with your zip for a quote. Chicks are shipped Mon-Wed only, usually on Mondays. Once order has been received, and eggs for your order have been set you will be notified of estimated ship week. I will message you again once your ship date has been set and you will receive your tracking number a day or so before or once your chicks have shipped. Chicks and eggs are dropped off at the Post Office at 4:30 p.m. central. It is your responsibility to follow your tracking to prepare to pick your chicks up from the post office in a timely manner. We very much appreciate that you let us know if they arrived safely, we do worry about our chicks well being. Minimum chick requirements, pickup at farm & shipped. See chart below.

Chicks: 4, 8, summer months 6

Keets: 10, 10*

Ducklings 3, 8*

Peas 2**, 4*

*can combine order with other fowl, large box charge applies.

**can add 2 peas to a shipped chick order of 10, no additional ship fees.

Local Pick Up – At checkout select pick up at farm, you will contacted with your estimated pickup date when eggs for your order have been collected or set and then again once your order is ready so that a day and time can be arranged. Please bring a basic cardboard box, with a few holes cut out of the side, along with some shavings or towels to prevent slipping. Cat carrier type cages are great for older chicks and adult birds but I do not recommend them for day olds. Keets and Pea chicks will come with a box, they can get chilled easily and are flighty so for those reasons a box will be provided. You have arrived when you see our farm sign on fencing, turn into long driveway and come on down. Please drive slowly, we have free range ducks and geese near road and livestock guardian dogs that protect property.

Farm Tours – We’d love to spend time with you at the farm and show you our beautiful birds, but we take biosecurity very seriously, and tours can expose our flocks to disease transmission. We simply can not take that risk.

Cancellation – If you have to cancel your order you can, see refund amounts.

Chicks – no refunds, amount charged is 100% deposit. If we cannot provide your order a full refund will be issued.

Eggs & Other Services – 50% of order.  Shipping refunded in full.

Gift Certificates – no refund, all sales final.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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